How to track searches on your WordPress site in Google Analytics

Those new to using Google Analytics may assume that when you set up tracking on your site, it automatically tracks activity on your site searches. This is something you have to set up manually, but it’s easy to do.

Feel free to watch this quick tutorial I created in the event you don’t wish to spend the time reading the rest of this article:

First, login to your Google Analytics account.

From the main nav menu, select ADMIN. You should see a screen similar to the following:

Google Analytics site search setup screen

Navigate to the View column and select View Settings.

When the interface loads the settings, scroll down to Site Search Settings. Here, select the toggle button to turn Site Search tracking on.

Google Analytics site search parameters screen

The query parameter in WordPress when a user searches is a lowercase s, so this is what we will add to the Query Parameter field.

Hit Save and you’re done.

You’re now tracking searches made on your site!

To analyze your site search activity, from the Reporting section, navigate to Behavior > Site Search > Overview to see your data.

Google Analytics site search results nav menu screenshot

If you just set this up in your GA profile, you will need to wait while data is being collected.

Have fun!

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