SEO 411: How often should you re-submit your sitemap to Google?

So, you’ve launched a new site or have been spending more time on your content strategy. How often should you log in to your Search Console profile to request a re-indexing of your site?

The short answer: probably rarely.

Many overthink site indexing and freak out when they don’t see insignificant changes to their site improving their rankings but there’s good reason for it.

Google doesn’t give a hoot about small changes to your content.

If you’ve redesigned your home page but the content and calls-to-action are essentially the same, Google won’t care.

If you’ve changed the date on an old blog post to give it more visibility on your site, Google won’t care.

If you’ve tweaked a couple of paragraphs on a post or page and updated it, Google won’t care.

Even if you manually submit a re-indexing request, you’re likely to not see much if any change in your rankings if your changes aren’t substantial enough. Google’s pretty smart at detecting these changes and small edits to existing posts or pages here and there won’t be seen as important enough for your indexing to be updated.

Three scenarios where submitting a re-indexing request will likely be pointless

Three scenarios where you should to submit a re-indexing request:

If you’re just making minor adjustments on your site as you go along (and you are, right?), then let Google decide if it’s worthy of re-indexing.

Keep your focus on great content and a positive user experience. Google will notice that!

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