How to quickly check if Google has indexed a page

If you need to find out whether or not Google has indexed a specific page on your site, use this handy trick!

Open up the Google homepage in your browser.

In the search field or address bar, type cache: and then the URL for the page you wish to check:

google cache search input in address bar screenshot

If the page has been indexed, you’ll see a snapshot of the page that has been cached and at the top will be a panel that will indicate when the page was last indexed:

google cache search results screenshot

If the page hasn’t been indexed, you’ll see an error notification like the following:

google cache no results screenshot

This feature has been available on Google for years but many people either don’t know about it or have forgotten about it altogether. The latter, me thinks, may be due to stampeding directly to Search Console for indexing status, which, of course, you should be doing regularly.

But to check on a single page or two, this trick works just fine.

Have fun!

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