Is Google rolling out video timestamps in search results?

Video and SEO could be making a nice leap forward by the looks of what Google’s been up to lately.

In a recent article by Android Police, it appears there’s a new feature in Google’s search results that could have huge implications in how users find and digest video content.

Imagine a video search that includes video timestamps in the results, meaning direct links to sections of a video rather than the entire video itself.

Hell yeah, sign me up for that!

The article provides some screenshots of how the results are displayed, which were generated based on the timestamp information included in the descriptions of the video results.

The following screenshot is an example timestamp list from one of the videos referenced:

YouTube description timestamp sample screenshot

Timestamping is already a somewhat common practice on YouTube, so to see Google exploring its value in search seems a pretty logical step.

The value for creators

For YouTube creators it’s a great way to serve their content to users by providing a path of least resistance.

It also gives them more specific feedback on what users are watching (and thus interested in) the most.

Just some of the types of video content that can benefit from this includes:

For creators who are serious about SEO, this will likely mean even more pressure to focus on the quality and accuracy of their content.

The value for users

Users benefit by more quickly getting the content they’re looking for without having to skim through an entire video.

For mobile users, this not only saves time but also data and battery power.

success kid meme timestamped-video-potty training

Next steps

It appears that timestamped results are only available through v10.7.4.21 of the Google app for Android, which is currently in beta.

It’s reasonable to assume that once it’s been fully flushed-out we could see this extend to other mobile operating systems as well as desktop search.

If you’re not timestamping your videos now, you may want to get the jump on that.

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