Classic memes that SEOs and content marketers will understand

If you’re an SEO or content marketer, then I”m pretty sure you’ll identify with at least a few of these dorky yet relatable takes of some classic Internet meme images I whipped up. Y’know, for kicks.

seo meme futurama frye click here seo meme captain picard frustrated google ranking seo seo meme click here cta seo meme aliens landing page conversions seo meme dog pun cta seo meme don't be like bill seo seo meme exit intent popup seo meme granny submit cta seo meme maury povitch not the father conversions email seo meme mdot responsive website seo meme most interesting man /in the world internal links seo meme one does not simply serp seo meme serp dinosaur seo meme simpsons jasper email seo meme spiderman page rank seo meme wix

Ironically, this article isn’t necessarily the best tactic from a content & SEO perspective but here we are.

Also, I know. I need a life.

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