Firefox now blocks third-party tracking cookies and cryptomining

Mozilla just turned took its Firefox browser to the next level in helping its users enjoy an even more secure experience.

If you’re running Firefox on your desktop computer or an Android device, your browsing will now be done with the automatic blocking of third-party cookie scripts and cryptominers via the use of what’s called Enhanced Tracking Protection.

This makes it even more difficult for not only potential hackers or being vulnerable to attacks

firefox third-party script blocking sample screenshot
A screenshot of the disabled scripts notification in Firefox

Cookies aren’t the only scripts that can make websites and its visitors vulnerable.

Mozilla had this in mind when introducing Enhanced Tracking Protection because it also blocks Fingerprinting scripts, which can obtain information on your computer, including your browsing habits.

It’s one of the ways advertisers and social media platforms determine which ads to feed you as you browse the web.

All-in-all, this is a pretty good step forward. I’d be surprised to see Google step up and follow suit since their entire raison d’être is advertiser revenue and it stands to reason a whole lotta marketers ain’t gonna be happy with this!

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