My big fat head

I’ve been working professionally as a web developer and designer for the better part of sixteen years now. In that time I’ve built a set of core skills that encompasses every critical aspect of website management.

With a relatively large skill set, I particularly specialize in some key areas such as front end development, UX, WordPress development, and SEO.

I’ve worked for small businesses, startups, agencies, and multinational corporations in industries such as media, software, health and medicine, finance, real estate, Internet services, post-secondary education, public service, and public relations.

I currently work full-time in the Marketing department for a U.S.-owned company that offers digital solutions to the PR industry where my primary focus is divided between analytics management & reporting and front end development.

When I’m not working…

I like to keep my creative spark going with my ongoing adventures in songwriting and composing music, my love of standup comedy, writing, and peanut M&M’s. I also love watching movies, learning anything related to history or science, and reading biographies.