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I’m a seasoned front end developer and web designer who specializes in website management, WordPress, SEO, and content marketing.

I’ve worked with and for a broad range of businesses from small marketing agencies and web shops to national and international firms.

Industries I’ve worked with include finance, health, technology, food services, public relations, automotive, real estate, and entertainment. I also have experience in the post-secondary and non-profit spaces as well as the public sector.

Whether working with external clients or internal stakeholders and marketing teams, my focus is to help plan, execute, and evolve sales and promotional campaigns (HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Unbounce), sales-driven web properties (WooCommerce, Shopify), and small to enterprise-level websites built for referral generation, user engagement, and brand awareness (WordPress, Drupal).

What sets me apart

My experience in content marketing and both technical and strategic SEO, whether through analytics reporting, site optimization, or content writing, I’m able to bridge the gap that often exists between content strategy and creative execution.

I believe that creative supports strategy, not the other way around. Understanding the goals of the business and users is critical in serving an experience that meets the needs of both.

That’s what I enjoy the most.

I currently work as Web Content Manager for a data security firm.

Technical skills

Additional skills

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